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Polaris Slingshot Accessories & Apparel BatteryMINDer 2012 GAM 2 Amp

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Our latest battery charger from BatteryMINDer is our most sophisticated and intelligent charger yet. It will maximize your battery's life and capacity while also reconditioning weak batteries. The 5-stage, 12-volt, 2-amp charger is microprocessor-controlled and fully automatic with no buttons to push. Featuring an internal ambient temperature sensor, the BatteryMINDer ensures your battery will never be overcharged or undercharged regardless of temperature extremes. The unit features diagnostic LED indicators to alert you to power, polarity reversal, weak battery, load, a bad cell, desulfating, temperature compensation, charging stage and overall charge level.

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BatteryMINDer 2012 GAM 2 Amp
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